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Design without compromise
Form follows function – this is the concept behind the unique and unconventional design of the CUBE Hotel.

A large atrium, ramps leading from the reception up to the rooms, a generous interior design focused on the essentials, and Showrooms in front of the hotel rooms make CUBE a one-of-a-kind experience.

From the outside, CUBE is as rectangular as its name suggests – a structure encased in a simple steel-and-glass frame that reflects its surroundings. Come nightfall, colorful lights illuminate the facade of CUBE, turning it into a beacon that can be seen from afar.

Unconventional design
With a modern, uncompromising and up-to-date touch, the interior design of CUBE is characterized by backlit pillars, glass, concrete and contemporary furniture.

Generous room layout
CUBE is not just a hotel but rather a big living room in the mountains, thanks to its loft-like architecture. Live your life outside the rooms: That is why CUBE has spacious community areas on each storey as well as an atrium-shaped lobby, which promote communication among the CUBE guests.

Lighten up with mood lighting
Large and colored glass panels on each floor set the mood for CUBE. The interplay of different colors, the presence of daylight and the use of artificial lighting and projections create a wide range of moods that change with the time of day.

The functional approach, which winds its way from the ground floor all the way to the top floor, is reflected by the CUBE ramp concept. Instead of stairs, ramps extending from the atrium connect the individual CUBE storeys, permitting easy transport of sports equipment up to the Showroom. This kind of anteroom in front of the actual hotel room allows guests to hang their mountain bikes, snowboards or carver skis and dry their sports shoes.

Specialised air conditioning ensures that sports clothing is dry the next day, in winter as well as in summer. The glass front of these storage rooms is what turns them into Showrooms for sports gear.